We provide comprehensive hospitality development & management services
that focus on representation, concept creation, and operational excellence

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Our Story

Convivium - the Latin word for dinner party, meaning “to bring to life”

WHo we ARe

We bring a thoughtful touch to everything we do.

From warm welcomes to personalized engagements, we are dedicated to crafting moments that linger long after guests depart.

Holistic Hospitality

We are a team of vision-makers. With the benefit of our unique 360º approach, our clients enjoy an all-inclusive offering with turn-key results. From initial market research to ongoing marketing and management, we ideate, create, and execute. No detail is too small for our attention.

Global Perspective

Our team has built concepts across the world, from the Middle East to Europe, from private membership clubs to 40,000 sq ft Food Halls. There is ingenuity, artistry, and a-ha! moments found in hospitality work around the globe. We see beyond trends to channel the seismic shifts that shape the future of our industry.

Operational Magic

We have refined business models to ensure streamlined, best-in-class operations engineered for profitability and longevity. Our passion is to develop sensory experiences that build a prosperous business for the client and enchant the guest.

Our People

Portrait of Matthias Kiehm for the Convivium Hospitality Group.

Matthias Kiehm

Matthias Kiehm has amassed over three decades of rich experience in the hospitality sector, demonstrating a consistent track record of progressive leadership across diverse roles. His tenure has been characterized by effective management of established enterprises and start-up ventures alike, while also overseeing large teams and earning recognition for his unwavering professionalism. Holding pivotal positions globally at prestigious companies like the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts in Beverley Hills, Boston, Chicago, and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. A notable highlight in Matthias's career is his tenure as Business Unit Director - Food at Harrods in London, where he led the development and launch of 12 restaurants within Harrods and its famous food hall, significantly increasing the business unit's revenue from GBP 45.0 million to GBP 80.0 million in 2010. Additionally, he managed the catering operations for the English Premier League’s Fulham FC while simultaneously holding the position of Vice President at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, contributing to the renovation of this iconic property. Leveraging his vast international network and hands-on experience, Matthias founded MK Global Hospitality Group in 2010, where he holds senior consulting roles across the United States, Europe, and Asia, leading impactful projects such as La Centrale in Miami, FL, TimeOut Food & Cultural Markets in Boston, Chicago and Miami, and The ‘Quin House in Boston, MA.

Portrait of Michael Anthony for the Convivium Hospitality Group.

Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony boasts a dynamic 25+ year career marked by leadership, innovative beverage programs, and pioneering new concepts. The primary focus of his career started in Las Vegas, in the opening of Renoir; one of the city's first Exxon-Mobil 5-star restaurants. Notable highlights include his contributions at Nobhill Las Vegas, recognized as the city's best new restaurant and a James Beard top-five finalist nationally. Additionally opening and spending 5 years at Bouchon Las Vegas, in managing beverage and operations. Relocating to Boston, Michael created an advisory company that provided creative and thoughtful solutions to solving hospitality challenges. He also partnered with several chef-driven concepts including Clio, Uni, Townsman, Pabu and most recently, as a founding operator with TableOne Hospitality; launching 6+ concepts within 18 months. Throughout his journey, Michael's curiosity, skillset and drive have authored several current industry standards and trends as he continues with his contributions to Convivium.

Portrait of Jona Cumani for the Convivium Hospitality Group.
Marketing & Strategy

Jona Cumani

Jona Cumani is a dynamic marketing strategist in the hospitality industry. Currently serving as Director - Marketing and Strategy at Convivium. Jona leads innovative marketing initiatives and strategic planning efforts with a background in psychology and extensive experience in event programming. With her background, including a master’s in psychology with a specialization in Cognitive Neuroscience & Cognitive Behavior from Harvard University, Jona brings a unique perspective to her role, driving brand growth and enhancing market presence. Prior to joining MK Global Hospitality Group, Jona played a pivotal role in saving Sweet Briar College from closure during a challenging period in 2015. Her dedication and leadership contributed to raising over $30 million to keep the college operational. Jona also contributed to groundbreaking research as a Graduate Researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, where she worked on NASA-funded projects in the Laboratory for Neuroimaging and Integrative Physiology. Jona's passion for hospitality and marketing, combined with her diverse skill set and collaborative approach, positions her as an asset in driving business success and achieving strategic objectives.

Our Vision

Our goal is to infuse the world with spaces and sensory experiences that bring people together.

With over six decades of combined experience in the hospitality sector, the Convivium team brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Led by Matthias Kiehm, whose career has spanned numerous leadership roles across diverse hospitality ventures, we have achieved remarkable success in developing and overseeing both established enterprises and nascent businesses. No detail is too minute for us. Our consultancy extends across the globe, encompassing strategic initiatives ranging from revitalizing exclusive social clubs to spearheading the development of expansive 40,000-square-foot culinary destinations in key markets.